So many us rely on our computers and need help to repair them when they break down. This means that computer repair technicians are highly valued with high paying benefits. As a result of this, many people with lackluster or inept skills claim to be professional computer repair technicians in order to charge you lots of money to “fix” your computer.

There are a lot of potential problems that could occur if you pick one of these unreliable and uneducated computer repair technicians. Here’s what could happen if you pick a low quality computer repair person.

Your computer won’t be fixed properly

If you choose a low quality computer repair technician, odds are your computer isn’t going to get fixed properly. Or it may get repaired and sent back to you, only to have it break down again in 2 weeks. And when you bring it back to that same technician, they force you to pay more to get it repaired a second time!

Your computer could end up getting worse

There is a lot of technical knowledge that goes into repairing computers. Simply messing around in your computer’s hard drive could end up causing more damage, damage that may even be irreparable. You would never allow just anyone to open up you computer and jam some tools in there, so why would you hire an untrained technician?

All of your data could go missing

If the computer repair technician doesn’t back-up all of your personal information, software and programs before they start messing with the computer, you could end up losing all of your data forever. This could even include programs that you spent hundreds of dollars on and would have to pay to re-buy.

Your computer could get fixed, but you have to pay an outrageous price

This happens all of the time in less than reputable computer repair companies. The technician tells you that it will cost X amount of dollars to fix your problem. You say “ok” and drop off your computer. A week later the computer is fixed, but now the technician tells you about the 5 hidden costs that have suddenly come up and that were required to repair the computer. Now you owe XX amount of dollars or else you won’t get your computer back!

Do yourself a favor and do your research before you send your computer to a repair shop. A reliable and reputable computer repair shop is worth its weight in gold, especially if it helps you to avoid any of these problems!