Q: Why is my computer slow?
A: This can be due to a number of factors, overheating, old, not enough RAM, clogged up with old programs and just not configured to optimum performance. This is where we can help you.

Q: Should I fix my computer or just buy a new one?
A: Strangely enough this is a very common question asked, the answer is simple, what do you need your computer to do? If you only want to use for internet and documents, then you don’t need the latest and greatest, fix the one you have got. If you want to play the latest games then you might have to look at upgrading.


Q: Can I use any Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
A: Yes even if your phone is with a different provider. For example if your phone is with Telstra and you want to use Netspace for ADSL Broadband. There is no problem or issue using a different service provider for your internet services.