Computer Repairs 1 200x129The quick answer is yes you can – but it does depend upon what is wrong!

For many people, the idea of fixing their computer’s problems on their own seems impossible.

A lot of people equate computer repair to rocket science – meaning they would have no idea how to even begin repairing the problem. This is one of the most common misconceptions about the computer repair industry- that you have to be a genius to attempt to fix your computer on your own.

The truth is that just like fixing minor repairs on your car (flat tires, oil changes and brake fluid changes) there are many easy to fix problems on your computer that you may well be able to fix yourself.

There is plenty of free advice to be found online on how to deal with minor issues. You may need to invest a little time to learn these things, but once you know them you can fix the same minor problems over and over again. Computer techs like me are always busy and it certainly helps me if I don’t have to run half way across town because the power point is not switched on. If you can fix simple issues it saves me time and you money.

In the end of course it is entirely up to you to make the decision regarding whether you want to attempt to solve your own computer problem or if you want to hire a professional. In some cases it might be easier, cheaper and quicker for you to simply repair your own problems. However, there is always the risk of making the problem worse. You also may not have the tools or knowledge to fix larger or more complicated problems, meaning you will have to hire a professional anyway. It is definitely worth learning the basics of minor computer repairs. You can always turn to a professional computer repair company if you have to.

So here are some HOT TIPS on how to get your computer back up and running quickly and as cheaply as possible yourself or at least help me to find the problem faster – which will cost you less in the long term.

The First Law Of Computer Repair.

Before you call anyone – turn it off and turn it back on again. In the majority of situations a simple restart will solve minor glitches. It gives the computer a chance to re-align its settings back to basics and may well reset something that has made it confuse itself. In addition to this…give it a rest. Turn your computer off when it is not in use…like overnight. This clears the RAM which, over time, will slow your machine down if the unit is left on.

Tell Us The Truth

If you have done something that you think may have caused the problem you are having, tell us! We are going to find it in the end anyway and owning up at the start may well save me a lot of time and you a lot of money. It might be that I can even tell you the solution over the phone and have your computer back on line literally in minutes.

Install Quality Antivirus and Anti Spyware Protection

There are a number of Antivirus programs on the market and some are certainly better than others. We HIGHLY recommend ESET NOD32 Antivirus who have a free trial period to help you decide if it is the one you want. For preventing spyware infiltration we stand by SPYBOT SEARCH AND DESTROY which has heaps of benefits, is extremely good at what it does and wraps up the whole package by being FREE!

For some other free products and utilities that you may find useful check out these.

Other Protection Tips

For important access here are some password tips:

  • Don’t use simple passwords.
  • Don’t use the same password for everything.
  • Don’t use your birthdate as your password
  • What you can do is use a base password for everything and then add a unique addition to make it site specific.

If you are in a place that has Public WiFi NEVER forget that Public means very Public. Try not to access important sites like Bank Accounts using Public WiFi or access your email.

In the end though, when everything you have tried has failed, just contact me here or call me directly on 0448 349 697. With our FIXED PRICE – $120.00 charge you know exactly what you will pay for us to come out and look into the problem and if major work is needed we will provide you with a quotation on the spot.