[webhosty_cimage title=”Repairs to Rebuilds” stitle=”Everything you need ” image_url=”81″ description=”If it is broken we can fix it! If it is slow we can speed it up! Whatever you need to improve your computer experience we can provide for you or advise the best way to proceed. We offer Hobart computer repair and replacement, networking, servicing, virus and malware protection in fact a complete range of services to make sure that your computer system does what you need it to do when you want it to do it.”]
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[webhosty_choose_us title=”Why Choose Computing Services” image_ul=”277″ desc=”With over 20 years experience in the IT Industry in Hobart we can promise you the right solution for your computer needs. Whether your problem is at home or at the office we can fix it if it does not work and improve it if it does in almost any situation. Plus we will provide you with a detailed quote for advanced work and ensure that you never pay more than is necessary to get the job done. “]
[webhosty_welcome title=”Plus We Offer” stitle=”A Broad Range of Other Services” description=”We don’t just fix computers! At Computing Services we offer a whole compendium of advice and services to improve your internet experience, add profit to your bottom line and drastically reduce your frustration levels when it comes to dealing with computers…and believe me they can be really frustrating”]
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