I cannot recall the number of times carrying out computer repairs in and around Hobart that I have heard someone say “My computer HATES me”.

Obviously this is not true….no really…it isn’t.

A computer is an inanimate piece of technology that, despite what you may think, cannot hate you, or deliberately make things hard for you. That does not mean that your computer cannot cause you a heap of frustration.

Maybe you have heard this in your office or workplace.

MY COMPUTER HATES ME! I am sure it knows when I come in to work each day and is just sitting there waiting to screw up my day. When I log in it takes forever to appear on the screen. It takes even longer to print something and the keys keep sticking. in addition when I am checking my Facebook page or watching YouTutbe Video it gets slower and sometimes freezes completely.

Well this is what your computer might be thinking IF it was not an inanimate piece of equipment.

How on EARTH did this moron EVER get a licence to operate a computer. First of all you download a totally useless screensaver package that is full of adware, to track your shopping patterns (which of course you should not be doing on a work computer anyway) and uses up half of my computer power recording what you are doing. Then you open your Facebook page and your YouTube page and run videos while you are working because you love the music.

You have no idea how to use CTRL/ALT/DELETE to reset the computer and pulling out the power point only scrambles my brain. PLUS…if you want the keys to stop sticking, eat lunch somewhere else.

There is a term that is used by computer repairs people everywhere…that is PIBCAK. This stands for:

The point is that, barring software glitches and hardware breakdowns, the cause of the frustration is probably something that you, the user, have done to your computer. Let me give you a few “for examples”.

It certainly is if your are doing any of the following;

* You have installed a really great-looking toolbar to help things along – these toolbars often link to off-computer pages that take a long time to load and want to sell you something
* You have installed a new ‘freeware’ program – not only can these drastically slow your computer down but more often than not they are a huge security or malware liability.
* You never turn your computer off – If you do not allow your computer to go to sleep every now and then it will, like you, get slower and slower. Turning it off clears caches and resets things. So either turn your computer off at night before you leave or, first thing in the morning when you sit at your desk, turn it off, back on, and then go make a coffee while it fires up again.


There are really only three things that can happen when you upgrade your software:

1. Everything works perfectly and faster and better than ever before. HURRAH!
2. Basically nothing changes. hurrah!
3. Your computer, that was operating reasonably well, now seems to be best suited as a boat anchor BOOOO!!

So if you want to updates things yourself and NOT rely on your favourite neighbourhood Computing Services guy, here are a few thoughts to keep you at one or two and avoid three like the black plague.

* Only update software when there is a definite clear-cut reason to take that step. Just because one piece of software has the latest version does not mean that all of the other bits of software on your computer will play nicely with it.
* Do a bit of research to see if someone else has already updated and are they having troubles. This may help you to avoid the things that they did wrong.
* Check to see that your current computer hardware is capable of running the new software.
* Remember to backup your data when you upgrade. That way if something goes horribly wrong


Do not now go and surf the net for a free antivirus program. There are lots and lots of such programs but only a few that a professional would recommend.

We would recommend the following programs to fix these issues.

In our humble opinion this is by far the best Antivirus program on the general market. Of course noon of them are 100% fool proof but this one comes pretty close. Follow this link and we will get it all organised for you. 

Scans your system and cleans up all the junk left behind by your every day use. Junk, such as temp files, cookies, history, cached information, etc. You can find out more here 

Free Malware Removal Tool removes Malware, Spyware, Rootkits, Adware. Check Here 

OK…so let’s go back to the beginning. Your computer does not hate you. That is one of the many things it cannot do. So treat it with care and do not feed it lousy information or software and it will keep ticking along. However, if something does go wrong, just give us a call and we will get you back up and running as fast as possible.

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